The CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund aims to achieve its investment objective primarily through investment in equity securities and equity related instruments of companies that are listed and/or domiciled in Europe including the UK or derive the majority of their revenue from business activities in this region.

Exposure to securities of companies that are listed and/or domiciled in the UK is unlikely to exceed one third (1/3) of the assets of the CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund.

If the Investment Manager believes it to be beneficial to the CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund, some limited exposure to transferable securities outside Europe or the UK may be undertaken.

On an ancillary basis or pending investment or reinvestment, the CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund may furthermore hold cash or cash equivalents as well as other liquid financial assets, including inter alia bank deposits, time deposits, liquid money market instruments or investment grade debt securities issued by governments or supra-national organisations, and shares/units of money market funds, for distribution, redemption and for cash management purposes consistent with the investment objective and investment policy of the Fund.

The CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund may use exchange-traded financial derivative instruments for efficient portfolio management purposes (including hedging).

The CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund will not invest in securities financing transactions, such as securities lending transactions, repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements, buy-sell back or sell-buy back transactions for the purpose of efficient portfolio management, total return swaps or other OTC derivatives.

Investors should note that while the investment objective of the CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund is to achieve long term capital growth there may be situations in which an income return is also achieved.

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Fund Manager

Richard Pease
Richard has over three decades of experience in the financial industry. He has managed the CESSF fund since its launch in October 2009.

Fund Aim

To achieve long term capital growth by investing primarily in European equities, including the UK.

Expertise and Experience

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