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Business Continuity Statement

CRUX Asset Management (“CRUX”) invests significantly in a business continuity strategy that provides for the continuation of day-to-day business critical functions in the event of significant business disruption at our registered office, 65 Curzon Street or technical failures which may affect our applications, data centres and networks.

The CRUX business continuity plan includes measures to deal with the following scenarios:

  • Activist demonstration(s)
  • Building fire
  • Building flood
  • Building services failure – loss of electrical power or water
  • Major flu epidemic
  • Pandemics
  • Office break-in/Vandalism
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Severe travel disruption (unilateral train strike)
  • Terrorist attack
  • Cyber-crime, hacking and malicious events
  • Accidental or environmental events
  • Loss of core critical systems
  • Failure of critical outsourced service providers


The initial point of contact for an incident when it arises is for the Chair of the CRUX Incident Team (CEO, or COO as appointed deputy) to call a meeting of all members of the incident team. Each member of the incident team must appoint a deputy in the event that they are absent for prolonged periods.

The CRUX Incident Team provides overall supervision of the disaster recovery operations. It will assess the extent of the event or outage and decide if business continuity processes should be invoked.  If it is concluded that the situation warrants business continuity invocation then the CRUX Incident Team need to inform both staff and key third parties of the relevant change in work routine, for example, staff working remotely.

The CRUX Incident Team will follow the designated Communications Plan, to invoke the recovery procedures and notify the related parties as appropriate.  Its prime responsibility is to manage the event and communicate, monitor and direct the recovery effort. This will include mobilisation procedures, notification guidelines, call trees and other information or processes relevant to our technical infrastructure. Business recovery strategies are varied to make appropriate use of both internal and external capabilities and resources.

Every effort is made to ensure that our business continuity strategy is robust; however, it is difficult to make provision for every conceivable business interruption, therefore CRUX regularly develops, enhances and maintains its approach to the effective management of its business and the welfare of its employees.