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Cluster Munitions Statement

This policy sets out CRUX’s position with respect to investment in companies involved in the production, development or transfer of cluster munitions and anti-personnel landmines (APLs).


CRUX fully supports both legally and on principle, the Convention of Cluster Munitions, also referred to as the Oslo Convention and the Ottawa Convention (commonly referred to as the ‘Mine Ban Treaty’) and does not invest in securities issued by companies directly involved with the production, development or trade of these munitions or APLs.


The Convention of Cluster Munitions is a humanitarian imperative-driven legal instrument which prohibits all use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions. The Convention also establishes a framework for cooperation and assistance to ensure adequate assistance to survivors and their communities, clearance of contaminated areas, risk reduction, education and destruction of stockpiles.


CRUX is a long-only equity firm; this policy applies to all our funds and mandates and covers all equity investments directly made in an issuer. Moreover, we do not invest in collective investment schemes, ETFs or track indexes where there is often limited transparency to the underlying holdings.