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European Equity Funds

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TM CRUX European Fund

Fund Opportunity 

Europe continues to be home to attractive investment propositions with the potential to deliver good long-term returns. The TM CRUX European Fund identifies high-quality businesses, that hold their own within global markets, are cash generative and have the ability to dominate their niche, run by management with a good track record for success.


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TM Lansdowne European Special Situations Fund
Notice to Investors

Following the acquisition of CRUX Asset Management (“CRUX”) by Lansdowne Partners in August 2023, some changes have been made to TM CRUX OEIC and TM CRUX European Special Situations Fund (the “Fund”). With effect from 18 March 2024, CRUX ceased to be the Investment Manager of TM CRUX European Special Situations Fund and Lansdowne Partners has been appointed Investment Manager of the Fund. Also effective 18 March 2024, the Fund name changed from “TM CRUX European Special Situations Fund” to “TM Lansdowne European Special Situations Fund”. CRUX continues in its role as distributor, co-manufacturer and sponsor of all of the Sub-Funds of TM CRUX OEIC.

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Fund Opportunity


The TM Lansdowne European Special Situations Fund aims to invest primarily in the equity and equity-related securities of European, excluding UK, companies which are identified as being undervalued and where it is believed that there is potential for both significant creation of value in the company and/or significant potential for revaluation of the equity.

UK Equity Funds

TM CRUX UK Core Fund

Fund Opportunity 

The TM CRUX UK Core Fund seeks to preserve and enhance the real value of capital. It does so by investing in businesses that we believe will become more valuable over time. These are businesses with decent economics, sustainable business models and, most importantly competent honest management teams. Ultimately we aim to be a consistent, reliable fund for investors seeking exposure to the UK stock market.

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TM CRUX UK Special Situations Fund

Fund Opportunity 

The TM CRUX UK Special Situations Fund favours shares which it considers to be undervalued due to the specific situation of the relevant company, its group and/or any member of its group. It may be that the relevant company is subject to recovery action, management change, strong potential growth, is undervalued or is refinancing or it may hold assets which the Investment Manager considers to be undervalued. The Investment Manager is not restricted in its selection of investments for the Fund by any geographic or industry specialisation.

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TM CRUX UK Smaller Companies Fund

Fund Opportunity 

The investment objective of the TM CRUX UK Smaller Companies Fund is to achieve long-term growth, over a rolling 5-year period, net of all fees and expenses, through both capital appreciation and income generation. 

Developed Markets Funds

Lansdowne (Lux) Developed Markets Fund

Fund Opportunity

The Lansdowne (Lux) Developed Markets Fund, launched in December 2023, seeks to provide investors with long term capital appreciation by primarily investing in large and mid-cap equities in Developed Markets. The Fund has the ability to invest up to 10% in non-Developed Markets and leverages the fundamental stock analysis of the Developed Markets portfolio managers and analysts. The Fund will be relatively concentrated, typically holding 25-50 positions with a maximum position size of 10%. The Fund does not have a particular industry or sector focus but the maximum investment in any sector will typically be less than 35%.

The Lansdowne Developed Markets Long Only Fund was launched in October 2012 and is managed by Peter Davies and Jonathon Regis. 

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