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CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund

Fund Opportunity

The CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund follows an investment strategy based on the Investment Manager’s analysis of fundamentals of companies and their future earnings and cash-flows. The Fund has a concentrated portfolio of exposures in Europe including the UK.

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Investment Process

The CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund's investment process seeks to create a Fund which:

  1. Alpha generation driven by bottom-up stock selection
  2. Concentrated portfolio, allowing larger positions in high-conviction small and mid-cap ideas
  3. Emphasis on active management seeking long-term capital growth
  4. Ability to invest to a limited extent in compelling ideas in other developed markets
  5. Invest in great businesses at significant discounts to intrinsic value and take a long-term view
  6. Low portfolio turnover
  7. Benchmark agnostic
  8. Focus on strong companies with sustainable competitive advantages and pricing power    

Fund Facts

Fund Name Strategy Fund Manager Style Pricing Eligible assets Structure
CRUX (Lux)  Pan European Growth Fund Pan European Equity multi-Cap fund   Roland Grender & Richard Pease Active Daily European including UK and overseas equities Luxembourg Domiciled SICAV EU -UCITS


Share Class Share Type Eligible investors Share Class Currency ISIN Ongoing Charges* (OCF) Entry Charge Exit Charge Performance Fee Minimum Investment Amount
A-Class Accumulation All investors EUR LU1599338651 1.96% Up to 5.00% Up to 1.00% None €1,000.00
I-Class Accumulation Institutional Investors EUR LU1599338578 1.22% Up to 5.00% Up to 1.00% None €1,000.00
I-Class Accumulation Institutional Investors GBP LU1599338909 1.22% Up to 5.00% Up to 1.00% None €1,000.00

*The ongoing charge is based on last year's expenses for the year ending 31 March 2021. This figure may vary year to year.

Meet the Managers

Roland Grender

Roland joined CRUX in 2015 as a Senior analyst and became Fund Manager of the CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund in June 2019.


Richard Pease

Richard has over three decades of experience in the financial industry. He has managed the CESSF fund since its launch in October 2009.

Roland Grender
Richard Pease

Fund Objectives and Investment Policy

The investment objective of the CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund is to achieve long term capital growth. The Fund has no benchmark index and is not managed in reference to a benchmark index.

The Sub-Fund is actively managed. This means the Investment Manager is taking investment decisions with the intention of achieving the Fund’s investment objective; this will include decisions regarding asset selection, regional allocation, sector views and overall level of exposure to the market.

The Fund aims to achieve its investment objective primarily through investment in equity securities and equity related instruments of companies that are listed and/or domiciled in Europe including the UK or derive the majority of their revenue from business activities in this region.

Exposure to securities of companies that are listed and/or domiciled in the UK is unlikely to exceed one third (1/3) of the assets of the Fund. If the Investment Manager believes it to be beneficial to the Fund, some limited exposure to transferable securities outside Europe or the UK may be undertaken.

Investors should note that while the investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve long term capital growth there may be situations in which an income return is also achieved.

Fund Price


ISIN Class Unit Prev Price Curr Price Date


ISIN Class Unit Prev Price Curr Price Date
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Contact Us

For individual investor enquiries please contact the Fund's Administrator.

in writing to: 
State Street Bank Luxembourg S.C.A. 
Attention: IFDSL Registration Team
49 Avenue J.F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg

or by phone +3524640 10 600


Office hours are between 9am and 5pm (CET) Monday to Friday

How to Invest

You can invest in the CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund, a sub Fund of the CRUX Global SICAV, via several methods, which include:

Fund platform

The CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund is available to purchase through a wide range of platforms and supermarkets. Please see the list of platforms and supermarkets below.

Financial Advisor

Your financial adviser can give you advice on making an investment. They will help plan your investments based on your overall financial goals. If you do not have a financial adviser, please visit 


You may invest directly by completing the appropriate application form, which is available from the literature section of this webpage and returning in to the address provided on the application form. 


The CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund has multiple share classes available, some with different minimum investment amount or charging structures. Please refer to the Fund Fact section of this page or the literature section of our website for more information.


Important information

The material within this website (including research) is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell an investment.

The CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund is available via the following providers:

AJ Bell You Invest












AXA Wealth


Funds Network






All Fund


Charles Stanley Direct




Old Mutual






James Hay


Standard Life


Fund Registrations:


Fund Domiciled UK Switzerland France Spain Luxembourg
TM CRUX UK Core Fund  UK Yes        
TM CRUX UK Special Situations Fund  UK Yes        
TM CRUX European Special Situations Fund  UK Yes Yes      
TM CRUX European  Fund  UK Yes Yes      
CRUX (Lux) European Special Situations Fund  Luxembourg Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CRUX (Lux) Pan-European Growth Fund  Luxembourg Yes Yes     Yes